• Beauty

    3 Holiday Looks that do all the Talking for You

    Hold the sparkles please. I will shamelessly admit that I (along with most other girls my age) love a little shimmer here and there. Th And as a self-professed girly-girl I feel it’s almost wrong for hating on the glitter department here. However, something about seeing sparkles & sequins pasted on every article of clothing just so it can be marketed under a “holiday collection” is starting to feel a little wrong to me.  Below I have shared my top 3 favorite holiday looks that are certain to stand out in a crowd- no need for any extra embellishments here.

  • Lifestyle

    Dreaming of a White (and Air-Conditioned) Christmas

    Simple ways to make living in the southwest a little more festive during the holidays As someone who enjoys warm weather 99.9% of the time, I don’t have much to complain about when it comes to living in Arizona. Being able to wake up every morning knowing that I’ll feel the sun on my skin at some point during the day is something I am very grateful for. I’ll even admit that the warm climate is one of the initial reasons I considered coming here for undergrad.  However, when it comes to the holidays I have the upmost expectations about my surroundings (being that I was blessed to grow up…